Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make an appointment online?

No. Appointments can be made by phone only. For boarding or grooming, please call 248-887-8842.

Do I need to make a reservation to board or groom?

Yes, reservations are required for both. Please call 248-887-8842.

How can I make payments for services?

Cash or check only.

Does my dog have to be spayed/neutered to be boarded or groomed?

No. Please ask if you have concerns about your animal being around other animals that have not been spayed/neutered.

How old does my pet have to be in order to be boarded?

At least 14 weeks old.

Are the animals ever put together for play time?

No, we do not mix animals for the safety and welfare of your pet.

Can I bring my pets toys, bed, and food?

Yes, you can bring anything to make your pet comfortable. However, the kennel will provide food, dishes, and beds if you choose not to.

We recommend that you bring your own food if your dog has a sensitive stomach or if you want to keep them on their regular diet.

What kind of food is provided for boarding?

Cats & Dogs: Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Formula – Dry

Can you administer medication to my pet while boarding?

Yes, please provide the meds (extra if possible) and instructions for administering.

What size are the kennels my dog will be staying in?

4’x6′ inside run & 4’x12.5′ outside semi-covered run. Separated by a manually operated guillotine door that is left open in pleasant weather. There are also larger kennels for giant breeds and families with multiple dogs.